Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Daily Prayer

Ha ha! Funny (minus the part about "thy womb ...")

Where is Dedesa, anyway?

Power to the wonders of backtracking URLs. I came across this page that had a good range of oldies that'd eluded my ... pitiful collection. And to think, just the other day I was reading about respecting Ethiopian artists' copyright ... (which, btw, I sympathize with but since it cannot be technologically helped, i think artists should look into other ways of making themselves more attractive... including looking into producing an entire album - or almost - of worthy music so that some of us will actually bother to get off our arses to buy their stuff. How often does that happen in the Ethiopian music scene? I don't mind giving money to charity. But when i give for charity, I'd like to call it charity, not music shopping. I mean, for example, are these people tax deductible? .... pardon me, April 15 ደርሶኮ ነው!)

Anyway, some of the stuff on that page, I don't think most of can go out and buy even if we wanted, or so I tell myself ;-)
አይጥ ሞትዋን ስት ስታበዛ ሩጫ
ሄዳ ታ
ታለች የድመት አፍንጫ
So I continued to dig ...
But then it got better ...
... and better ....
  • Nanu Nanu Naye with Israeli accent. What more can one ask? Good stuff. (No really, it's Mi'Maamakim from Idan Raichel - now this album I will buy).
How was that for random?