Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Random stuff

I like news. Random news. It makes my day. Not the CNN headline kind of bloody news of yesterday’s “20 more pople die in Iraq”, or today’s “21 more people die in Iraq, making that number a record for this week”. Really? Considering today is Tuesday, that’s one hell of a record. But does anybody dare aggregate the number since the War on Terror started manifesting 'itself' in Iraq?

Everything is sensationalized. Like the dead of summer and winter seasons in the US, where every region is always breaking some 40 year old record every year. Seriously, how’s that possible? If they can’t name it ‘the coldest temperature recorded in 40 years’, the weatherman will phrase it as ‘the longest coldest temperature recorded in the briefest period of night time in 40 years!’. Before your mind can even formulate a ‘Huh?’, the newscaster will take it from the weatherman and say ‘Thanks, John, for that wonderful analysis. Well, folks. You heard it. If it continues like that we’re going to have one verrrrrrrry cold winter. Let’s hope for the best. Stay warm, and that’s all for now from Channel 99”.


But I digress. I like random news. Like the homeless people’s world cup currently being held in South Africa. Instead of petty weather news, I like to occupy my mind wondering how homeless people afforded the ticket to SA to play unprofessional football when I’m working obscene hours (well, at least in my mind ) and I can’t afford the time or money for a trip to SA. I hope this does not sound like I’m being sarcastic, bitter, or cynical. I’m not. I’m truly bemused. Somebody managed to pull a trick in 48, most likey developing countries to finance homeless players to scuffle half-way across the world to pay street football. And they found respectable venue. That’s a commendable feat.

The home team, Bafana Bafana,Version Homless, beat Chile but was then brought down to submission by Brazil’s Usual Suspects de las Favelas. I wonder if we’ve Ye Menged lay tedadaree igir kuas-tegnoch representing.

Then there’s this : the inauguration of a new service in Germany that ‘helps break up dead-end relationships’. You can chose to have them deliver the news by phone or in person. They can deliver it in a’ sympathetic or direct’ manner, and voila! You’re off the hook.

Ha ha ha ha. Gud’ko new.

Yes, I laugh. Until one day it happens to me.

Mean while, ha ha ha …