Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Mahedoooo No, Harar"

First of all, a big :-)

Then some lyrics:
"yemegalawa lij, yemitadrew dirE
simEn Tiriwna, limTalish berirE
meTichE liTeTa yegimel wetet
hod yemiayleselis, yemiyares anjet"

Also, some stoker-esque scenes that were reminiscent of "every breath you take, every move you make ...", until they ended in a rather amusing "lomi biewrewir aha ahaha, deretun metahut, aha ahahaha" way. Say, why is it that it never works for me when I hand men fresh lemons? In my case they bolt out of the kitchen swearing and muttering and stuff.

A fantastic lovers on a garee scene with a ferenj garee nejee (in pyjamas or was that a jelabiya?) and two habesh passengers. Good & Gud one!

Last and least, dude who popped up with the guitar, I must have totally missed the guitar in that music.

Well, it definitely entertained me. But then again, so did this.