Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Swift Summer and a Balcony

My apartment has a pathetic excuse for a balcony. I noticed the wooden thing they called a floor was only partially painted when I first came by to look. Oh, well. I figured it would be very unlikely for me hang out on a balcony to ... tan? Or something.

Anyway, I put a Walmart $15 hammock on two opposite railings and for a while it was pretty cool. It lasted me the fall (used a couple of times) and winter (forgot it existed). Spring came and I tried it out once. It looked shaky, but it was fine. Then a friend, who happened to be twice as tall and weighed twice as much, decided to try it out. Needless to say, he ended up on the semi-painted 'floor' with one side of the railings on top of his head.

He was okay. I promptly removed the hammock and anything that might indicate recreational used of the balcony and called the manager. Really. There was nothing in my agreement that said not to use the balcony as a hammock hanger. The next day somebody came by and put caution tape around it.

A month passed. The caution tape started discoloring, too. Considering I don't live on the first floor, I called the manager again with the friendly reminder that one can easily fall off my balcony in its current state. I was assured it would be fixed. Another month passed. I called again. This time a new lady told me the other manager got fired. OK. And the balcony? She asked me how long it's been, then proceeded to chide me for not having reported it earlier. Um. Hello? Caution tape? After a little barking she promised it would be fixed. It's been another month and a half.

Maybe I'll fall off the balcony and sue them.

In the mean time, I just received a strongly worded notice 'reminding' me that I haven't renewed my lease. If i do not sign and return the form by late August, they'll be forced to take legal action. M*****F****RS!

So I proceeded to log in and type here instead of signing my lease.

Anyway ...

Is 'agramot' a word? How?

Must listen, why not see ...
I could do with a CD, actually.

Whoa!I first heard about her at, and now she's all over. (video to song mentioned in bernos) (Interesting) (man in an apron!) (for some reason, its content was considered offensive to/by some and you've to log in to see it. Perhaps it's a lil' yemeteqe kelemednew stuff, but really, is freaking youtube!)


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion. The management company needs to be taught a lesson and this is how we, you and me my dear friend, are going to do it.First you write a will naming me as your heir and we record it at the lawyers office. Then we send the management company a registered complaint and after we make sure that they have received this mail you fall of the porch after a serious consumption of Heinkens. Ofcourse I will be there with you and will witness the whole episode. We then call on a good attorney and the rest will be history....Don't let a good opportunity pass us bye..Signed Tired of going to school ...

Tobian said...

If there weren't such wonderful business propositions to look forward to, there'd not be much to live for.

I mean, die for.

Anonymous said...

what are you talking about? The gruesome reaper is not going to get a chance at you..u are going to get hurt enough for a legal recourse but not serious enough for a trip to the morgue. Would I lie to ya, eh eh eh