Sunday, March 18, 2007

Got Ethiopian?

So, after a quasi-long hiatus I am about to head back to Ethiopia for four weeks. I have a wedding to attend, but other than that I’ve no agenda. I intend to venture out of Addis to visit a grandma and for the remainder of my time I’ll be Addis Ababan camper.

I have no intention of hitting the typical resort spots like Langanao minamin. I don’t want to fall trap to the culture of Diaspora Habesh on vacation back home who party incessantly or those who go back and hang out with folk from here.

I think I can easily spend days roaming the streets of Addis … but then I thought to myself … what would Jesus do? Um. Ok. Not. I just had to say that, but I thought to myself … what good is a blog but to ramble on?

I ramble. You ramble. We ramble. Perhaps you’ve some Addis ramblings for the inbound?


yonas said...

grab a lonely planet guide for ethiopia before you head out!! you have plenty of time ... so i'd recommend trekking the simien mountains and/or visit the awesome people of the omo valleys. and please please please don't listen to the paranoid folks in addis (i.e. everyone) who will tell you all kinda stories to scare you off stepping out of addis. just go out there and do it! have a great time.

Nolawi said...

good luck on your trip... ofcource becareful but not too careful that you don't have fun....

ena picture and video etc.. bring bring.. don't forget

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Yonas, are you gay? pleeaase, talk like a guy.

Tobian said...


Grow balls. Get a name.

Anonymous said...

Tobian is my name. Thank You.

Tobian said...



So to respond to your comment (request?), no thanks. Although having a sex change, and then being homosexual sounds like an interesting experience, for now I think I like being female.

Also, given that this is, eh .. my blog, I intend to keep the material in it gay friendly. The next time you imply anything remotely homophobic, your comment will be axed.

Anonymous said...

Please, axed Think-Tank. What material,boy? I mean girl. I'm stll looking he,he... You must be illusinating.