Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Quickie

And *$ backs down ...

I was actually going to write an article in defense of Starbucks, but ... bleh.

Great move Starbucks. Now i can have my frappuccinos in relative peace.


yonas said...

yah, starbucks did their u-turn in mid feb and promised to up their support for ethiopian coffee farmers. i wonder if anyone's told these folks yet.

Tobian said...

lol, yonas. keyet ameTahew bakih?

I liked the Ethio dude with the "wegenochie yimechach'hu'. Second favorite is the ugly, little gray dog with the banner.

Yemi said...

lol on the post Tobian!

By the way, I have been trying to make a comment on your page since like two months ago.

While I was in China, I couldn't because the comments page was in Chinese (on blogger) and so I couldn't read the little word verification thingie and everything else for that matter! And in Ethiopia, blogger was blocked!

The language on blogger (when I access it here in China) has now magically changed to English. I don't know why. I just hope it does not change back to Chinese anytime soon.

Tobian said...


I think you should pick up Chinese and blog Ethiopian content in Chinese! Seriously! :-)

I hope the comments page stays in English in the mean time so we can hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by :-)