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Surely, it must be that lesbian school ...

Ever since this Obama fever started, emails have trickled into my mailbox from various friends and relatives telling me I should contribute, vote for 'change', i.e. Obama. I was obviously more interested in who sent me the email than what they sent me. One curious thing to note about who's been sending me these emails has been that it has all come from black men. My friends who are female and black are still rooting all for Clinton.

Anyway, I ignored one email after another ... until today. Just yesterday night against all odds Hillary Clinton pulled through in OH, TX and RI. Then this morning I received more Obamaganda. Come on! So I hit reply, added a list of all the men that've sent me vote-obama messages, and replied:

Thanks, but no thanks, Obamacans. You're on this list because at some point you've littered my mailbox with Obamaganda :)

A long time ago I heard Bill Clinton say in an interview that Democrats win when people think. I thought it was obnoxious but oh, so funny. Fast forward to last night : Billary won in TX and OH b/c the people were forced to think ... beyond the great speeches and your kinda spams that've been going around, people stopped to think about what each candidate had to say ... which at the end of the day is pretty much the same thing presented differently.

Now, I can confidently say that I like black men more than any of you (yeah, fight me on this one) ... but I can't see the one in question to be anything other than a man who makes good speeches and has sub-par take on issues on which he agrees (considering his age, some may say "copied from") with Billary.

I think Obama's OK. I just think Billary's better at everything other than making speeches. As you may already know, i don't won a TV and reading his speeches just doesn't do the trick for me.

Now, my office mate just pointed out this morning that a candidate's grasp on issues has no bearing on how good a president s/he will be -- or else the US would be in a lot worse situation than it is now under Bush. Touche. But I can't be asked like a candidate for the same reason (however minute the degree) that I dislike Bush. And I'm not about to buy a TV so i can be 'inspired' and down with 'cool' gang.

People say Obama will bring "national reconciliation". Dude, if you can get NY and TX to vote for you, you've got "national reconciliation".

In conclusion, this is not to tell you to stop spamming me. I like Obama ... I just thought I'd spam back for a change :)

If anybody feels like contributing towards Hilary's campaign, here's the link :
Then I started getting some awesome responses. The first one said,

Oh sharrup; I knew they did some shit to you at the lesbian college you went to

I wonder if the fact that Hilary Clinton also went to one of those 'lesbian colleges' brings a sour taste to the table. (But wait, isn't the though of 'lesbian colleges' a cool thing in mainstream, straight American society, including black men?)

Another response said,
It looks like we have a traitor in the family... Remember the last time we had the supreme court instead of the people decide who was going to lead this nation we ended up with Bush, the man you loath. You are advocating the same scenario here where Hillary is trying to pull out a win by disenfranchising voters.
BTW, any democrat can win NY in the general election... look 4 years ago a man named John Kerry won NY land slide but lost the general election to W. At least it would have sounded better if you mentioned Ohio. But we all know McCain has no chance in Ohio because he is so pro NAFTA.

Come on ... join the enlighten and support the man that is ready to transform the nation. Bill Clinton already built the bridge to the 21st century. We don't want another bridge back to the 20th century.
Again LOL to the traitor. I find it amusing that the person who wrote this is an engineer and still wrote the second paragraph. I think I'm going to write back and ask, 'If you did a great job 10 years ago of say, building a bridge, you want your future jobs to be given to another person especially because you did a great job 10 years ago?'

I think Hilary & Obama should eventually run a joint ticket. They've divided the Democratic party straight down the middle line, and it is in their hands to bring the party, the country back together. As this country stands at the edge of a recession, one of my officemates pointed out, imagine Hilary as the president, Obama as vice president and Bill Clinton as a 'first man'(?). Is that a power house, or is that a power house?

The question is who'll be on top.

To quote an alumnae t-shirt slogan from my 'lesbian college', it's all about 'a century of women on top'.

I also remember a bumper sticker on somebody's dorm door that had a picture of the white house with the following written under it:
Yeah, maybe that 'lesbian school' has made me into a feminist of sort (actually i'd rather be identified in the anti-feminist feminist camp, which my brothers like to refer to as "feminazi" ... which is really, ridiculous ....anti-feminist feminism is actively pro-men, but whatever.) If this is what it's made me, I'm happy with it.

p.s. My new favorite blog : Stuff White People Like . Hilarious, and apparently on point, at least for left leaning east/west coast Americans! The only disturbing thing about it is that I'm guilty of most,

coffee, film festivals (if i could get to them), farmer's markets, organic food (but only coz i was used to organic stuff growing up, i don't pay shitloads for it), diversity (or else i'd not be here), making you bad about going outside (coz i need company), having black friends (well, like i've a choice), hating parents (defunct habit), awareness (for survival, not poke fun at the unaware as such ... though that's a good side benefit), traveling (training for deportation & consequences), being and expert on your culture (yeah, i tell Americans what their culture's like ... so what? they don't know. ref : awareness), having two last names (actually, i've more than 2, ayat, qim ayatoches?), david sedaris, Manhattan, marathons (don't do them .. but talk of them), not having tv, 80s night, snowboarding, breakfast places, netflix, apple products (if i could afford more than my ipod), indie music, sushi, plays, public radio, Asian fusion food, whole foods, being the only white person around (i mean the only black person around ... does that count still?), study abroad, gentrification (i.e. Harlem), threatening to move to Canada (ref earlier comment about deportation), multilingual children (yeah, my kid'll speak Amharic too and that's that), modern furniture (any furniture, at this point), the idea of soccer, graduate school

p.p.s So I'm kinda like a white female. This may be awfully convenient ammunition for those who cant understand why I like Hilary.