Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Mahedoooo No, Harar"

First of all, a big :-)

Then some lyrics:
"yemegalawa lij, yemitadrew dirE
simEn Tiriwna, limTalish berirE
meTichE liTeTa yegimel wetet
hod yemiayleselis, yemiyares anjet"

Also, some stoker-esque scenes that were reminiscent of "every breath you take, every move you make ...", until they ended in a rather amusing "lomi biewrewir aha ahaha, deretun metahut, aha ahahaha" way. Say, why is it that it never works for me when I hand men fresh lemons? In my case they bolt out of the kitchen swearing and muttering and stuff.

A fantastic lovers on a garee scene with a ferenj garee nejee (in pyjamas or was that a jelabiya?) and two habesh passengers. Good & Gud one!

Last and least, dude who popped up with the guitar, I must have totally missed the guitar in that music.

Well, it definitely entertained me. But then again, so did this.


Yonas said...

Good & Gud one! LOL

Tobian welcome back, I loved the video! Hugely entertaining. Just ended up buying their album over iTunes: Bole2Harlem Their album features Gigi's lil sister, I think it's her vocals on the chorus of this track.

Coloured is better... hmmmm, so politically incorrect, so funny.

Tobian said...

Hmm. Gigi's little sister. Had heard about her, didn't know where her music was happening. So do you recommend the album?

The 'Colored is better' stuff - yes :) I thought it was wrong, shallow and in bad taste, but, ah, so funny!

Yonas said...

Had my first listen of both Aster's new album and Bole2Harlem today, I have lonnnnnng commutes. Absolutely loving the Bole2Harlem album, I prefer it to Astu's. Fusion of addis, new yoik, south american, west african, arabic sounds. You just know they have very talented, creative and exciting musicians/producers behind it. Tigist's (Gigi's sister) vocals features in most of the tracks. The guy's flow is rather weak but it doesn't take itself seriously and didn't distract me from the music and Tigist's hooks. If you are more of a lyrics person then I guess you might find him annoying. If you just love good music, then this album's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thanks for introducing me to them.

Aster's album is ok. Usual Aster stuff, but didn't excite me like Bole2Harlem.