Sunday, June 17, 2007

r u kidding me?

my first reaction on seeing that plastered on the side of a car was ... the title.

I've heard the world 'parkiologist' thrown around habesha circles in the US, and when i was in HS one of my friends used to say that she wanted to do engineering. floor engineering. She was exceptionally good at physics and math and curious minds usually asked for details. She'd answer, with a straight face, 'it's primarily ... janitorial sciences'.

I once read a play called 'Beggiology' published by AAU - on the 'science' of begging in Ethiopia. I was too young but it was still bizarrely hilarious (or maybe it was bizarrely hilarious coz i was too young)

Still, a 'Parking Engineering' car?! Hmm. Where can i enroll?

So many careers ... so little info ... so little time.


Nolawi said...

Thanks for bring information on the art of parking.

obviously it makes sense to make a science out of it. seriously, because as you know parking is optimization of space as well as safety of cars.

Tobian said...

hmm, did the post come out sarcastic? i was just sincerely surprised that it is a legit career.

i'd not advise anybody to focus on something that narrow though. i think institutions like uni of phoenix prolly benefit more from this career than the people who pick it as their livelyhood.

Nolawi said...

no sarcasm wunet nuew... it might be narrow... but you know most people do work not in the field of their education