Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm Coming Out

Well, PhoTobia is. The qelawaCH types (:-) have already been to it from the 'Misc' section of links on this blog.

Next to internet, I can waste an obscene amount of time with a camera. PhoTobia is where internet meets my camera - a new and better way of wasting time.

Some more random pictures ...

Farm in Gojjam

Yeguada gidgida

Ye'ayate Dist



View from home


Nolawi said...

well about time its about time you made it public.. kelawach

Yemi said...


So, now I want to know when you are going to tell us about your trips in Ethiopia. It looks, from the pictures, you traveled outside of Addis?

Tobian said...

Nolawi ... it was there & out, i just didn't write about it! ;-)


heh :-) i wrote some stuff coz blog or no blog i'd jot down something anyway. now it's just scattered around in word and notepad documents. i'm too lazy to edit/find them ;-)

I just posted one though.