Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Step Backwards

Sometimes I try hard, very hard, to convince myself that our current leaders are good meaning co-Ethio citizens who care about our country... in their own ways which I am unable to understand. They're just embittered by the long struggle experience coupled with infantile Ethiopian politics (not to imply that they're any better at it). Then they do shit like this and my little theory crumbles.

This is a tragedy for the lives of these CUD leaders and their families, for Ethiopians at large ... and especially for our current 'leaders'. I can't help but think it's more so for our 'leaders'. A loss or a mistake acknowledged as can at least be a lesson learned. I fear that in EPRDF's case this is just an error. Period.

Indewaza ...years have passed since the last election. CUD leadership has not recovered its seats nor its verve in Addis Ababa and other urban areas. Instead the population has mostly recoiled back into by Dergue era like silence.

When I was somewhere in the countryside a shimagile man noted, 'Yhichi Qinjit iko tikikil neberech malet new ... mengist iko meriwochwan anqo yeTeyequt'n gin beyetera iyamuala new'. We laughed for the way he put it, but later the guys I was with who're residents of addis acknowledged that a lot had been lost, but a lot that's easy to gloss over had also been won. They said the government had brought about some changes to appease the people, at least areas where Kinijit had audience. (Or maybe it was just the right thing to do.)

Yes, these men and women are behind bars, but their efforts were not in vain. If yet another revolution is not the answer, then they have shown us that non-violent struggle is possible, that there's ground to be won - in patches. They have sparked discussion. They've made us think. They've given shape to an Ethiopian dream. There's only one way forward from here - the struggle for justice will continue.

I've lukewarm thoughts about some of the ideologies of CUD leadership and I may have said as much in some previous posts. But the way I see it, a French man put it well hundreds of years ago:
I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.
I'm not into violent struggle, but 'nuff said!

Kinijit, preach on.

p.s. here's some parting food for thought .... and mawerareja.

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