Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blog Stock Market

I came across this ... concept(?) It's a Blog Stock Market. It tells you how much your blog's worth on the 'market' in B$ currency. Apparently this one is worth B$1,402.79. Bicchhhaa? Mts!

The better value for me was that I bumped into a bunch of interesting blogs, of which some ethio-centric ones were ...

Ethio-Probe On Ethiopian current affairs. No joke zone.

Ethiopian Cartoons. Like it says ....

Ethiopia and Me , an interesting Indian woman in Jimma, with lots of interesting comments, and ... some "weTa weTa'na inde shembeqo, tenkebalele indemuqeCHa" ones:
"The people of Ethiopia have been in bondage for too long. They dont have freedom of speech, their democracy sucks, they are not developed..... India represents everything they long for - the right to do what they want, speak what they like, move forward with the world, wear colourful clothes and have pretty women (pretty as in white pretty woman)."

Organic Ethiopia on social democrats, coming to you in Swiss. Few posts, but still interesting. Curiously my kind of stuff, actually. I really think the CUD has some very good people, but some real crazy ones as well. Berhanu Nega would be one of my favorites. I'll reserve the 'Not Favorites" list for the time after EPRDF stops being so ... fascistic.

Elena in Ethiopia". Like it says ...

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