Saturday, June 10, 2006


A year since Ethiopians dared to demand that thier votes be counted.

Facelift coutesy of this Flickr collection.

wusedegn yalsh we de gas light
ibete molto gazna isat

(something i can't hear) soderen banay
shower iniwsed biret miTad lay

indachi lale shenqata lij
min yaregal kitfo bombolino in'j

Dereje & Habte

Chachi : things you don't see people in habesha libs do on TV often. The song's been around for a while, but I'd not seen the video.

Funny Meles interview. Again, this has been around for a while ... but if you've not seen it and you are too deep in love with Meles ...

Favoritelines : "yetNawa mist nat?" & "Inae I don't worry. Yichin libs man indesefat alwaqm. Des alech'N. Gezahuat. Lebeskuat"

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