Thursday, November 10, 2016

When the world values America more than America values itself

Somebody sent me a link from Aljazeera, "Spoiled Americans now want to flee what they created". Over the last two days, as 'the rest of the world', watching American election results has evolved from disbelief, to concern, to disgust. 

The disbelief was to watch American repeat the Brexit experience yet again, and handing over the most powerful position in their country to a bigot and, by self admission, a sexual predator. Jury is out on his racist tendencies. 

Concern was watching European and Asian markets react, and wondering what crazy things Trump could say that could start a war. 

Then disgust was watching Democrats throw tantrums post-election results. My own friends became really annoying. As if the election wasn't in their hands, as if they didn't spend the election season bitching and moaning about Hilary, as if Democrats didn't act like idiots at the DNC behaving like Sanders was their one and only option to Nirvana. Millennials, fucking millennials, repeatedly asserted that their only interest in the elections was legalization of weed. And now they turn around and start marching ... marching against what? The very same election system Democrats were upset Trump wouldn't unconditionally endorse for fairness? Democrats have proven who's stupid in America. 

Of course, that is concerning because I have always had faith in left-leaning ideals. In this election there were more failures than the electorate failing to show up to vote. One of my co-workers argued that Hilary had given it all. She had expended all her energy and deployed immense resources. But had she?

She sure had a lot of resources, but not sure if she used her resources well. She did better than Obama in traditionally blue areas -- what a waste! Instead of preaching to the converted in California and New York, she probably should have been crisscrossing rural America while she had time & money.

For Democrats, a party which claims to stand up for the disenfranchised, they sure missed a good cross-section of America's despondent rural population and its supporters.  Liberals decried any messages that trickled from the "other side" labeling it bigotry and racism (which probably fueled more bigotry and racism), as if those were root causes, and not symptoms.

I went door to door for Hillary Clinton in 2008 in rural Pennsylvania (and met some really scary Republicans :). I liked her then, I like her (enough) now. But she's made a series of mistakes along the way, and the sooner Democrats flip to self-examination mode and correct, the better for Americans ... and the world.

One of my co-workers, German guy, shared an insightful article on I passed it on to HC-voting American friends and they thought it was an eye opener, which is good, but sad.  Why weren't such views printed in The New York Times, WahsPo, etc, last year? Why aren't there such articles on these news outlets even now? So far the closest I have seen a "respectable" media outlet show self-examination is here. That's not good enough.

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