Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Good days and good people

A couple of days ago I went into my favorite coffee shop to get my morning coffee. After I placed my order, the cashier asked, "You have cash right? We're offline today". Ah, no. I didn't have cash. So I retreated, letting the person behind me advance while I rummaged through my purse. I was pretty sure I didn't have sizable bills, though I could have found some coins.

Meanwhile the woman who had ordered before me approached me to ask, "what did you order?"

"A latte." And two croissants, but I didn't add those. I wasn't quite sure what the question was about.

"I will buy you your coffee today", she announced, "I know how it can be when you don't have your morning coffee. I am not even a nice person till I have my coffee"

I laughed and thanked her for the offer, which I accepted. And I told her not to be so hard on her pre-caffeinated self, "You just offered to buy me a coffee before you've had your morning coffee!"

"Oh that," she explained, "I already had an espresso earlier in the day".


I asked for her name. It was either Valerie or Valentine. She was just passing through that part of town. I thanked her profusely.

I am now awaiting for an opportunity to pay it forward.