Sunday, January 24, 2016

Super Car

In a perfect world, one would want to learn the language of the in-laws for improved communication. I feel that about 80% of the time, and for the rest, I find myself enjoying various occasions emanating from our comprehension gaps.

I was CCed on a group email from the mother in law tonight. My language skill is weak enough that I must surely be missing something. To me, this is how the email reads:

Subject: Super Car
Message: This evening super car helped us get back to the house. Well done everyone for the creation. I have a fairy tale for the super carrot.
Kisses, mom

Attachment: darkness/black, interrupted by a white box in the middle, as if the photo was taken at night by photographing a lighted electronic screen. The screen is so bright that nothing is discernible on it.

Maybe she finally got around to using the GPS on her car? I don't know.

When I finished reading, I had to laugh. Why would I want to miss this  comedy in the name of improving my diction/grammar?

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