Saturday, July 07, 2012

Interweb Abiyot

I have a vague recollection of why I decided to take a break from the Interwebs. Partly I remember being freaked out when I started meeting people in real life who referred to me as Tobian, rather than my real name. I didn't mind when people knew my real name and Tobian, but I realized there was another living entity out there called Tobian, and I was responsible for her. Creepy. Despite having chosen technology as my (past?) profession, I'm really not accustomed to netiquettes and netpurcussions.

There were some other details, but I forget.  I botched up the blog's template until all that was left was the image below. I kept writing in the background because ...  it's a good way to keep track of the passage of time, and life, and such.

Today I decided to look  up the details of why I muted this blog --  I know that I wrote the reason down, not sure if I published it. But I never got that far, I got distracted. Apparently I only publish only about 50% of the stuff I have spew in here.

I read and read, and now I've no patience to be meticulous about re-evaluating my old lines of reasoning.

So, just like that, this thingie is back.

This does not mean that I'll write! It just means it is back ;)

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