Monday, September 12, 2011

Great Expectations

On Sunday I got a call from a cousin, wishing me happy Ethiopian new year. After he shared what he has been up to, he asked if there was anything new. I told him I planning to leave my job soon, in order to go back to school. He asked if I intended to do it full time. I said, 'yes'. Then he asked, 'Did you ever buy a house indae?' I said, 'No'. Right about here he must have concluded that I am a disappointment, because the interrogation ceased.

He did say I should invite him to my wedding (Another disappointment so far).  He mentioned having talked to one of my brothers, who had recently held a christening for his daughter. Our cousin had complained about not beeing invited. Apparently my brother had responded, 'The christening party you missed is nothing. Some of us have been missing out on weddings!' Since then, my cousin said, he has been wondering it was me or one of my single siblings who got married without telling/inviting others. I laughed, and assured him that I will surely invite him, but there will be no talk of marriage on my turf for another few years

I laughed, because the wedding in question was my cousin's. 

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