Friday, February 22, 2008

Hippos vs. Cheetahs

I am at 1:59 of this video as I post this ... but it came from a friend who always sends me links that'd make spamming worthy if only I had the right motivations. So I post this, and I trust you'll learn & enjoy:

This grab-you-by-the-throat speech by Ghanaian economist George Ayittey unleashes an almost breathtaking torrent of controlled anger toward corrupt leaders and the complacency that allows them to thrive. These "Hippos" (lazy, slow, ornery) have ruined postcolonial Africa, he says. Why, then, does he remain optimistic? Because of the young, agile "Cheetah Generation," a "new breed of Africans" taking their futures into their own hands.
[I am at 4:08 now ... I think I should share another link from the same friend]

Hearts of Darkness

Please, avoid becoming a fufu-head!

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