Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Attention ugly and/or non-Ethiopian women ...

... no more coffee for you!

I sent as speechless an email as I could to some folks regarding this : Ethiopia tackles Aids with coffee-flavour condoms.
"It is about time to use an Ethiopian flavor for beautiful Ethiopian girls," said Dereje Alemu, 19, a university student.
Well, what have we learned here? His major is not English and he has a future in marketing. If he ever lives in the US at some point in his life he'll get sued.

Or maybe after reading this comment,
"It's inappropriate," said Bedilu Assefa, a spokesman for the Ethiopian Orthodox church, whose millions of followers are encouraged to abstain from sex outside marriage. "We're proud of our coffee."

I should have entitled this post, "No coffee for you - you're not Christian enough!"

But after reading this, the recipients of my email wrote back saying that they were confused:
"I hate coffee-flavoured condoms," said Tadesse Teferi, 37, a mechanic. "But I use ordinary condoms when I have sex with ladies other than my wife."

What's he been smockin', you ask? Well, we broke down the sentences into a conjunction of logical statements and after a careful analysis coupled with a wee bit psychology, we've come to a conclusion. This man means:

- he does not use condoms with his spouse
- he uses ordinary (unflavored) condoms with females other than his spouse
- he uses coffee-flavored condoms with men other than his spouse

Ummm ...yeah.

Let's hope all the wives of mechanics called Tadesse Teferi are illeterate, and that this article will never get translated into Amharic and/or other Ethio languages. Wait, should we not be hoping for the opposite? Hmm.

The thing I find most interesting is how every comment has a name attached to it. Since when do Ethiopians allow a person to appear behind a quote? Also not the lack of female comments.

The person who forwarded me the link (non-Ethiopian) had one question : Is decaf available?

I see so many jokes coming. And some kids may just giggle in the future when the gorebet Itye calles out 'ere nu buna TeTu! Indae ... berede iko'

I should stop.

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