Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Refresher for the soul, lessons for the mind

If you're going to go off trail and start bush walking, don't do it while you're 3 hrs away from camp with 5 hours to sunset. Never.

Sap is apparently great for starting fire.

Either of polar bears or grizzly bears cannot go downhill, and the other can't go uphill. Figure out which is which before you're stuck in the woods with no reception. (hint: one can slide)

Color, color everywhere.

If you see a weird looking lake ... such as this one ...

... it's quite unlikely that after two hours of bush walking you came to a different lake of haunting similarity.

Color, color everywhere.

Crazy sized mushrooms. Another one here. (actually i'm not even sure they're mushrooms - "mushroom-like-things-on-trunks-of-trees")

A camping hammock is so not excessive!

Even trees have social outcasts :-/

Smores are sooo much better in the morning.

Adirondack Mountains, NY

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