Thursday, December 14, 2006

Somebody Else's Stream of Consciousness

Apparently working full time and taking multiple classes in an area that's not one's forte is not good idea. Hard to write when not having had much to think. But thank God (?) for little mercies that come in spurts, nay deluge, of anonymous comments. If you've a lot of time in your hands (mind you, I'm barely 1/100th through it) , and by a lot I mean a LOT, then read the comment here by a certain (3nd) Anonymous.

I found it to be interesting, and at the least amusing.

So far my favorite part's been the word 'masculinization'. Is there a masculinizer, too? 'Can I have a bottle of masculinizer, please?'

Masuculinize is defined as, the tendency for women to engage in cursing, casual sex, or be quick to anger and violence.

Of course, if the masculines didn't have masculinized women to curse at, have casual sex with, abuse in quick anger or be violent towards, their masculinity will be all wasted. Lo and behold, no masculinized women!

Does this count as a post?


Nolawi said...

aha! masculinized woman..

Tobian said...

Heh :) I wonder what pushes people to that extreme.