Monday, June 13, 2005

Plain Idiocy

Ok. Two things are driving me nuts.

Is there a field in US politicians passport, or driver's licence, birth certificate that says:
Intellectual Level: Idiot.
One of the recent headlines reads, "US urges Ethiopian opposition parties to stop violence". Huh? Opossition parties have been denied access to mass media, their members have been harassed and put under house arrest, and so many days after the violence, finally what the US has to say is this? Ok. Maybe it's too much to ask for them to be honest. Why can't they at least know when to shut up?

The second thing is a statement by Hailu Shawl, after signing a 'peace' agreement with EPRDF. He proceeded to state the agreement was "not worth the paper it is written on". These people need a ton of political maturity. Mr. Hailu, if you don't think it's not worth it, then don't sign it. If you sign it, stick by it. Becase the more you hold out on things you've done, or things you say, the less the people will trust you (the less the people know what to trust) ...and guess what? That's exactly the same problem the people have with EPRDF. So what makes you better?

Finally, It seems two 'hibret'/UEDF members, including one who's a parliament-elect was ... killed? Ayeeee ....

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